Importance of Commitment in a Romantic Relationship

commitments in relationship

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Love and successful relationship are not the same. Love and marriage are different from ‘Shirpaprice’. Anyone who has a romantic relationship with love or love has to go under the same roof of the house – there is no such law anywhere in this world. But when opening the pages of the magazines or social networks, we often see sad and depressing statuses and new like, ‘S/he broke my heart! Is that how people keep commitments in relationship?’. And then the news of cheating is often seen.

The place, the time, the pot are pierced, but the content of the news is fairly similar. Promise or temptation of marriage. Establishing physical relations between two people or men and women. After that, the woman’s refusal of marriage, the woman is angry. If this matter is to be filed in the case then rape is usually done in these cases. In some cases, we also see a tragedy like a woman’s suicide.

Recently, breaking a promise of love against one of the recesses of the past and consequently, the voice of a woman’s suicide is heard. A few years ago, a former cricket lover raped the media in the middle of a string of allegations against a cricket star. There are many other such incidents around.

The beginning of love from the mutual emotions and attraction of two people That attraction can be mixed with mental or physical or may be different. When attraction attracts physical attraction, it is mostly with mutual consent. Later, a lack of passion and attraction can occur; That’s very normal. Even the relationship could be broken.

If you love someone, you must love him all the time – such a slave is not given in any love; That is not possible. If both of them are adults, it is not just fair to blame someone for breaking the relationship. The reason is that during the relationship, both of them enjoyed the company of both. So why are men being blamed solely? It is also said (in our society) that a woman who is involved in a physical relationship without marriage is not fit for marriage.

The current values of the West are quite different. There love and physical relationships do not depend on the promise or temptation of marriage. After many years of love there, after being united, even after the child’s parents, they may not be bound by marital bonding.

Recently, football star Messi married his longtime lover, who is already the mother of more than one child. After a long love, after the unification, if a couple decides marriage, and when the man officially offers the marriage proposal, it becomes a big pleasure for them.

On the contrary, after the proposal of marrying a man or a woman, another side may be disturbed. This can happen in the West because no woman is declared a wage in society because of love, unity, and childbirth. The birth of a woman without a marriage is not seen even worse. Whether the parents are married or not, the children grow up with equal opportunities. The state also guarantees all rights of that child.

But the situation differs in the east. We do not mention the situation in other Oriental countries as the discussion will restrict the context of Bangladesh’s society.

Usually when a woman (if she is married or not), is involved in a physical relationship with a man in Bangladesh, then a context of future certainty is embodied in mind. The future of marriage or lasting relationships is not known but is not known.

It is assumed that they are going to have a permanent relationship in the future, which means that they are walking or meeting with a man. Because, when it is published publicly or in their social media, there is respect for women as well. When in our society, when a woman laughs with her in public, she is going to go to the public for a while.

If it does not, then the woman is respected. The problem arises when the woman is married to another elsewhere. If the woman is a widow or divorced, the person with whom he is establishing a love relationship is assumed to be married in the future, or in a permanent relationship. The rumors spread even after the relationship broke down and the woman was badly damned and ‘she was the protector of such and such.’

When a married woman gets involved with another person, her current marriage breaks down or her relations are severely damaged. Then there is a way to honor honors divorce and lovers.

I do not mention the honor of men here. Because, because of love or physical relation, a man is shocked – that is not always seen in our society. There are exceptions. But the exception is not discussed here.

If both men and women are unmarried in Bengali society, the day since the beginning of love is that day, but such a dream becomes in the mind of the woman that they will be married in the future.

The marriage promise with the consent of love and especially physical is unacquainted. Similar values were in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. If a woman was not married to him after the announcement of a love after a public declaration of love, then the woman would have been seriously hurt. In that case, the man’s father, brother or any other relatives, called the man in Duyle. If the rumors of his relationship with other men were spoken in jealousy for married women, then he would call the alleged lover in Duyle, her husband. Famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin died in such a duel.

In the West there remained somewhat of such values until fifty or sixties. In this context, I am reminding the reader about the film ‘Kam Sep’ in the 1960s, starring Rock Hudson and Zina La Low Brittita. In the film, a millionaire hero of the US forbade an American girl to go physically before marriage, but she maintained that kind of relationship with her Italian lover. Later, he married a lover.

Fraud in love, relationships in the context of marriage promises, those who do not accept those offenses are argued that if both of them are adults and if it is done with mutual consent, then it is their responsibility that men and women both have their responsibility. If one of the parties here wants to break the relationship, emotional uncertainty is not an offense. Since both of them have enjoyed relations and mutual companions, one party can not complain about cheating on other parties.

There is no doubt about their argument. It is right to justify this argument. But we must also consider our social condition. This argument can certainly be observed in the society where men and women are in status. If there is no marriage with a boyfriend, but the honor of women is not lost or his honor does not become a bad name, it is certainly applicable. But due to the weak social position in our society, women are really deceived.

In the case of women of high society, this truth is far more true than the truth, in the case of women of middle-class, low-end and marginal position.

When a poor day’s daughter or working-line woman is in a relatively convenient position, when a man speaks of love, he is assuredly married to a woman. But when he is no longer married after physical relations, his social status is severely damaged. The dream of building a beautiful family breaks down and life becomes shaky. No one else wants to get married to a ‘badman’ girl. We do not support this trend. But there is no way to deny reality.

In most cases, love for men is like a ‘temporary game’. Many men simply say love to build physical relationships and are ready to break the relationship in mind. That is, from the very beginning, a mischief work in him. He embarked on raising the woman within the latent will of cheating. But in the case of women, it becomes associated with all future plans. As a result, a man can easily break the relationship and introduce new ones in the reality of our society, it is not possible for women.

In the case of cheating, a rape case is usually filed. But it proves difficult to prove since there is a matter of forceful use of force with rape. There are cases of medical examination. A medical examination can prove that the woman is accustomed to sexual intercourse. But in these cases, reports of rape-related injuries do not remain in the medical examination, the report is against the woman’s statement.

In these cases, the cases cannot be proved in vain. The deceased women do not get justice. Under the Prevention of Women and Child Repression Act, it will be possible to prevent such frauds if the fraud of love is brought under the punitive offense under different sections of the law. If it comes under the law of humiliation it is advisable. It will be possible to prove love relations through circumstantial evidence and to punish and compensate the culprit for the sake of reproach can be arranged.

Deception in love is a social crime in our country. In most cases, victims of this crime are women. In some cases, men are victims of this.

Some readers read the scriptures that we have read so far. They will say that such crimes are happening due to the association of men and women, so women should be arrested.

We want to remind these commentators that such crimes are also committed in the society where women are bound in the house. There the woman does not have the courage to file a suit, because, in spite of adultery, she is in danger of getting the death penalty. In those societies, rape cannot be proved against the male body love relationship! So instead of going to the religious formula, instead of trying to find the solution to the problem, through proper law.

Whatever the love and hate of human life, each relationship demands a certain responsibility. Those who are unable to take these responsibilities should not One party may have to bear the irresponsible relationship of another party, either for long or throughout life. And when this irresponsibility is deliberate, then it is a fraud.

In the case of Greek mythology, Devraj Zeus (who has goddesses, Titans, women, elves, and monsters), in most cases, suffer a difficult life, and the life of the victims of deceitful or irresponsible men became miserable in Bengali society. The time has come to identify such social crimes and take preventive measures against them.

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