6 Stages of a Breakup for Guys & What Not to Do

Many breaks after many relationships are broken. Girls may break too much, but girls are able to cope with them faster than boys, and those boys who are was loyal to the relationship, in most of the cases a huge time of their life gets wasted singing the breakup song. The time after a breakup is very important. In this article, I am describing the 6 most grief stages of a breakup for guys with examples of the stages that they go through and what you should not do at that time according to the trend.

Before starting, here is a short list of the 6 stages of a breakup for guys, so you can easily navigate through the whole article according to your curiosity.

  1. The “My Heart Can’t Accept” Stage
  2. Support Stage
  3. The Depression Stage
  4. Self Assesment Stage
  5. Spending Time with FnF Stage
  6. Moved on Stage

The “My Heart Can’t Accept” Stage

This stage is one of the most emotional stages of a breakup. At the same time important – because any decision taken at this time can turn your life to a different direction which can both be good or bad. The emotions that emerge from someone at this level of breakup are absolutely raw emotions. For most of the time, the emotions are exacerbated by the form of tears or intense mental pain. However, some of the exceptions have the tendency to take breakup naturally. But whatever it is, it’s all out of the ordinary, all of it emotionally. For those who do not accept the breakup of their pain … “Why am I so unfortunate!” – The question comes back again and again. In this immediate phase, most people do one of three things:

  • Self-harm (suicide, drugs etc.)
  • Trying to harm the girl who had a relationship with him (facebook/email hack, mobile number manipulation with nasty images)
  • Harming the people why they had breakup (maybe another boy).

And there are other types of people who do not have any of these 3 symptoms, they just let it go. They are again 3 types:

  • The group who kind of enjoy being in a depression.
  • People who act with themselves that they are happy.
  • Twelve hours of new relations and breakup, they do not have any feeling of breakup and new relationship feeling – that group (they are kind of playboys, their discussions in this post have not been discussed)


  • “I just want to visit/wish to call her/I want to visit him right now” – even if you know, the decision will not change.
  • Detecting your own faults/errors by itself – finding out your faults behind the breakup – although perhaps there is no fault.
  • Keeping her memorabilia hidden in your hand, this makes your situation even worse. Some people, however, burn them.

Common Dialogs:

  • “This wasn’t my fault …then why ….?
  • “All the girls are same…” (this is a special type of boys)
  • “I will never be able to be in a relationship in my life …” This is a very emotional stage which cannot be expressed in words right. So, moving on…

The Support Stage

In this stage, your “so-called” friends and acquaintances who knew about your relationship, they will jump to you to support you. Believe it or not, in their mind, your most friends (especially those who have a relationship), they are actually happy about your breakup. Happy for that, “They are not so unfortunate that they are like you…”. This is the real psychology of humans. In fact, if you were at their place, you would have felt the same inside. “Thank God I am not having the same situation”, this thought is good enough to provide a happy meal. It’s not bad. This is just a natural human psychology. There are some good aspects of it. For example, if your friends heard about your breakup, the next time they talk to their girlfriend/boyfriend, this topic will rise at least once. Then they will admit each other, they will never break apart. Regardless of the level of relation, they will re-imagine them again, how much lucky they are to have each other. Those who had relationship problems will suddenly realize that they actually do not have any problems at all comparative to your issue, but it is a temporary thing. There is no permanent effect. However, at this stage, you will be satiated with the comfort and advice of friends and acquaintances, for example:

  1. “Which has been done for the better…”
  2. “Life does not stop for anyone …”
  3. “It’s time to build a carrier…” (relatives say that)
  4. “Surely you are waiting for something better than your her…”
  5. “Just forget her!”
  6. “Spend time with friends…”
  7. “Let’s go outside on a trip…”

Here are some of the information that your friends have not mentioned before about your relation – at this stage –

  1. “There was a problem after this relation with you …”

  2. “You’ve got a thousand times better than that girl …” (5 months ago, “after seeing your jealousy”)

  3. “He had a lot of problems …”

  4. “Why did you know that relation would not last …”

3rd phase, which means itself: this phase of the breakup is itself the only one. A belief in the life of his life, everything else can be renewed in this stage. At this stage, a boy would do a lot of things, which he would never do in general. He would do many such things that it seemed to be masked to him a few days ago. Many people with whom there has been no communication for long / or have avoided a lot, they can grow in contact with them. The whole thing comes from a thought of overall change in life.

Fourth stage, spending time with friends: If you get a chance at this stage, then there is a tendency to spend time with friends. Increases intimacy with the various activities of the house and family members. How the whole world is filtered with a ‘mirror glasses’ and caught sight of it. Wish to benefit people There is also a tendency to talk softly with people.


  1. Very intense jealousy and discomfort in seeing the intimacy of relation between their boyfriends / girlfriends outside of friends.

  2. In words, to the friends – “Ish and do it …”, “I see it and see it …” or “I used to do it more often …” – type commentaries.

  3. If you get the chance to tell people about their breakup, not in the hope of getting sympathy – in this case, there are issues like taking credit.

  4. “I have seen many things in life …” type mentality.

  5. Show status of your life on Facebook. If you see somebody’s status, it seems that he is going to commit suicide shortly after.

  6. Keep the beard.

At the 5th position, I hope for the hope of that: Just after the breakup of your breakup, a lot of wounds have dried a lot. But the familiar place, the people who are familiar, the book takes an empty blank. Remember to remember the previous time before going anywhere with a familiar place. If you meet with a fear, then what will happen? What to do if you are able to remember it again. Although fear is coming to think of the meeting, you want to see Kind of Off again.

Sixth stage, again and again: remember that the memory of the breakup is left and not the other – just feel very uncomfortable. If you have ever decided to meet him in front of you (whether it is with a new boyfriend), you will convince him for his new life – that you have achieved so much mental strength. You are interested in seeing a girl in you. You’ve even told friends – Ready to find out.


  1. Just be sure to relate immediately to new girls through Facebook online / Facebook or Friend. (Even if you know 99% of the ones that will not be useful)

  2. Dirty jokes / greedy favorites – although you are not famous for all this.

  3. Grow the temporary liquechma in itself.

  4. Suddenly, you feel that the world was very easy when it was in relation, everything was very sure – one hand touched the hand while hand, leaving a shoulder to the shoulder. But now the world seems very difficult to break the relation. Again, the relation will be renewed again, whether it will be renewed again – you have begun to question the idea of alaridi. Just as you thought before the first relation.